Following a dream

I started my photography career when I was 16 years old (and, no, I’m not telling you how long ago that was! Lol!). But rather than pursue a career in photography my mother told me to get a “proper job” when I left school. So I became a nurse, and then a midwife, in Liverpool for 21 years!

But I just couldn’t ignore my dream of being a photographer and so I eventually decided that I was finally going to do it!

I completed four years at college getting distinctions in my HNC Photography course, and then went on to further training with some of the best photography trainers in the country; Yerbury’s and Lovegrove’s to name just a couple.

I firmly believe that we should never stop learning and even now, as an experienced professional photographer, I am learning all the time!

In order to create the best possible photography for you, I now have a mentor – one of the most talented photographers and trainers in the country. His name is Damian McGillicuddy he is the lead photographer for Olympus, having taken over from David Bailey.

Thanks to his wise mentorship, I can confidently let you know that you will have the most beautiful and stunning works of art for your home when you hire Photojos Photography.

As well as being mentored by Damian, I am also very privileged to now be working alongside him, and Olympus UK, as one of his ‘Baby Whisperer’s’ in the Baby Whisperer Academy. We teach other photographers the art of newborn photography. I am also very honoured to have become an Olympus Ambassador!

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