Becoming a judge for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

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I’ve officially become a judge for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) – a worldwide organisation for serious photographers. Woo! So from now on, just call me Judge Jocelyn, lol!

But seriously, it’s a great achievement. I am so proud and delighted to now be a fully-fledged judge – one of just 34 in the UK – and there are lots of benefits for you too.

Sleeping baby by Photojos Photography

Better photography for my clients

As a creative person, it’s great to be continually learning new things and to be challenging myself.

Creatively, I’m confident that I’ll produce better photography than ever before as a result of becoming a judge for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. And that’s really exciting for me and hopefully you too!

Learning what makes a photograph an award-winning photograph

By becoming a judge, and having passed all the necessary assessments over the past nine months, I have learnt so much about what makes a great photograph an award-winning photograph.

The Judge’s School training I went through, during a two-day course held back in August last year, and the photography judging that I have been doing since (as a trainee judge), has really opened my eyes.

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Pushing my photography up another level

I used to think I knew what made a great photograph and have always been proud of my own photography.

But by going through Judge’s School and, now, becoming a judge for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, I feel I’ve been able to push my own photography up another level.

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I’ve learnt what the judges are looking for when they assess a photograph to determine if it’s worthy of one of their highly coveted international awards. And this has made me much more critical of my own work – which is a good thing!

For she’s a jolly good Fellow…!

The very first step in the process of becoming a judge was to become a Fellow of the SWPP because only Fellows of the SWPP can train and become one of their judges.

I achieved my Fellowship back in January 2016 thanks to some invaluable advice and support from my mentor, Damian McGillicuddy.

Fellowship is the highest judged award level that a photographer can achieve and securing this qualification was no mean feat! It was certainly a hugely proud moment for me and my family.

SWPP Fellowship Panel

Judge’s School

Since Judge’s School’, I have acted as a judge at the SWPP’s annual awards. And I have assessed ‘Licentiate’ and ‘Association’ panel submissions submitted by fellow professional photographers, and submissions received for their monthly portrait photography competitions.

I’ve judged the work of photographers based across the UK and beyond and, let me tell you, the standard of work out there is nothing short of amazing!

To win one of the SWPP’s awards, the photography really does need to be first class. Which makes me even prouder to tell you that I have been the winner of not just monthly awards with the SWPP but also a three-time ‘Photographer of the Year’.

Sleeping baby Photojos Photography

First-class photography at Photojos Photography

So, to wrap up, I am immensely proud to now be an official judge for the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. And I can’t wait to take photographs of your family and put all that I have learnt over the past nine months about first-class photography into practice.

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Jos x

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