Bespoke Miniature Life Cast Jewellery

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Keeping your baby close to you is the best feeling ever! the little curl of their fingers and toes! Keeping those little feet and hands always with you would be the most precious thing, even when they have grown up and left the nest! their little feet and hands will become an heirloom piece of Jewellery enjoyed by generations.

How extra special would it be to have your baby’s foot or hand made into these tiny miniatureised solid silver pieces of Jewellery?

These very special jewellery pieces are created from perfectly miniaturised life casts. Precious memories are frozen in time and family heirlooms are created in bronze, silver and gold.

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I am extremely excited to be partnering with the wonderful Artu Gallery to bring you these wonderful little pieces .

They use their own in-house extremely high resolution 3D scanning system to create these tiny treasures and take the utmost of care to ensure the finest details of the original life sculpture are captured in digital format. A new miniature master is made via the wonders of digital technologies and the miniature pieces are then cast in silver or gold using the age old lost wax process, prior to being professionally polished, hallmarked and assembled into the final jewellery.

slider templatehands n feetThey can be made from any of your 3d baby casts

Baby Impressions is the only place in Liverpool where these stunning unique pieces of Jewellery, are available.

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