Breastfeeding tips for new mums

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One of the things that I believe really sets me apart from other newborn photographers is that I was previously a nurse and, later, a midwife in a career spanning more than 20 years. (You can read about my personal story and how I got into newborn photography here).

Here in Liverpool, I have helped and advised thousands of women during that time – advising and sharing tips about pregnancy, childbirth, newborn health and breastfeeding.

Now, as a newborn and baby photographer, I continue to share my midwifery knowledge with new parents who are my photography clients.

When new mums and dads, many of them first-time parents, come into my photography studio for a newborn photoshoot, I sometimes see them struggling with their babies.

So if I can help, I will.

Sometimes it’s just offering a helping hand when the newborn is unsettled. Other times, I have helped my clients who were finding breastfeeding a challenge.

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Breastfeeding tips

Case in point: I had a lovely lady in recently who was struggling to breastfeed her newborn. She was almost at the point of giving up. The baby would take from one breast but not the other.

I managed to help her with the positioning of the baby – I suggested she try the rugby ball hold (which she hadn’t been shown before) – and gave her some breastfeeding tips.

With a little bit of persistence…success!

She messaged me after the shoot saying how grateful she was for my input, and I was so pleased that we had managed to make it work!

Modern mums

Once I explain to my clients that I was previously a midwife, and that I am a mum of five, they are often really relieved to get my input and very grateful for the help and advice.

Having a baby is so different these days to how it was twenty or thirty years ago.

Quite often women are now encouraged to leave hospital really quickly after the birth, and they may not have had much input from their midwives. I understand why.

Resources are tight, hospital beds are vacated as soon as possible and I really think that new mums are left to struggle on alone as a result.

It’s a real shame and I believe that many mums give up on breastfeeding too early because they aren’t given the help, advice and hands-on support that once came as standard.

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Information and resources

So, today, I wanted to share with you some information and resources on breastfeeding.

I often find myself sharing breastfeeding tips with my clients, so perhaps if you are a new or expectant parent you may find this useful too?

Have you struggled with breastfeeding and how did you overcome it? Please do share your breastfeeding tips and stories in the comments box below.

Until next time,

Jos xx

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