Bump Bowls

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A baby bump bowl casting is a unique and special way to capture that fleeting moment… your pregnancy!

By literally taking a cast of your baby bump I can create a truly unique record, thats exactly the shape of your bump, and make it into a beautiful bowl shape.

Then when your little one has arrived and comes along for their newborn photo session, you can see how they fit into your beautiful baby bump bowl!

Its a fun and unique way to celebrate your pregnancy and baby’s birth.

Baby in his bump cast

The casting process

You come along to my studio for the cast to be made. The ideal time is around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy, so your blossoming bump is a well developed size and shape.

The cast is made using plaster bandages and takes just 15-20 minutes to complete. It is completely safe and not uncomfortable in any way. Plus it is great fun taking the cast off and revealing your beautiful bump impression! Its the only time you will see your bump as everyone else does!

There are so many ways to display your beautiful bump bowl afterwards.

you could keep it in your baby’s nursery and fill it with teddys, keepsakes or just as a delightful decoration. It can be hung on the wall, painted and personalised. Let your imagination run wild!

Give your Bump Bowl the vip treatment!
I was thrilled to complete 2 bump bowls for Coleen Rooney, when she was heavily pregnant with her last baby Cass and her 3rd son Kit!

Coleen Rooney Bump bowl by Photojos Photography
These were given the VIP treatment, sanded and smoothed and decorated with her babies names and details.

I have got such good feed back from these They are now on offer for you too! Every one is totally unique to you!

The original standard version is normally £85 BUT is offered FREE OF CHARGE to all my pregnant clients who book a Bump to Baby session or VIP baby session.

Call now for more information  on 0151 203 6439, 07929 768371 or email jocelyn@photojos.co.uk.  or fill in my contact form.  Im really looking forward to speaking with you  Love Jos xx