Give your ‘Bump Bowl’® the V.I.P. treatment!

Coleen Rooney Bump bowlColeen Rooney gets a Bump Bowl®

I was thrilled to complete a ‘Bump Bowl’® maternity cast for Coleen Rooney at the start of 2016 when she was heavily pregnant with her third son, Kit.

The ‘Bump Bowl’® I created for her was given a bit of V.I.P. treatment and the feedback I got was fantastic.

So, I have now decided to introduce this option, and others, to my ‘Bump Bowl’® clients.

Maternity casts

My trademarked ‘Bump Bowls’® are literally maternity casts of my pregnant client’s baby bump. Click here to find out more.

Since introducing them back in April 2015, I have now created over 75 of them they have been hugely popular! Have a look here.

The original, standard option is a bowl worth £65, which I offer FREE OF CHARGE to all my pregnant clients who book a VIP newborn session with me, and to those who book a Bump to Baby Session.

‘Bump Bowls’® are getting an upgrade

New for 2016, now you can choose from a number of finishing options. As Coleen did, you can even create a VIP ‘Bump Bowl’®, completely customised to meet your personal preferences.

Here are the new options:

Option 1: Original, unfinished bowl – worth £65
This is the original maternity bump cast bowl, which is created using layers of plaster bandages. It takes just 15-20 minutes to complete, and is completely safe and not uncomfortable for the mum-to-be in any way.

It’s great fun taking the plaster off and revealing the bump impression. After that I then work on the finish of the cast, smoothing over the edges and refining the overall shape. I add additional layers of plaster until I’m completely happy with it and then set it to dry.

Option 2: Smoothed, painted and varnished bowl – worth £95
My new upgraded ‘Bump Bowls’® undergo a lot of additional finishing work.

I ensure a completely smooth surface by repeatedly sanding the bowl, and build up extra layers by adding additional plaster to the bowl exterior. Once hardened, the bowl is then decorated.

I can paint your bowl in any colour that you wish and can also add varnish to get a lovely overall finish. There is the option of either a matt or shiny varnish.

Option 3: V.I.P. bowl – Prices on request
A premium ‘Bump Bowl’® is a smoothed, plastered, painted and varnished bowl with some V.I.P. extras!

As with option two, colour can be added to the outer surface of the bowl to match the décor of the room it will be placed in, or it can be painted plain white.

Then you have the chance to make the ‘Bump Bowl’® completely bespoke to you.
Letters, numbers, logos, even photographs can be added onto the surface. For example, you could add the baby’s name, birthdate and weight, and the bowl could be painted to signify the baby’s gender.

But the options are literally endless and I welcome the opportunity to make your bowl completely unique to you and your family!

All my ‘Bump Bowls’® are hand-finished and I painstakingly add these final touches to create a work of art for you to enjoy for years to come. Words are charged at £10 each, photos are priced £15 each.

Book yours today!

I hope you like the sound of my new options for the ‘Bump Bowls’®?

As ever, if you have any questions or want to request a quotation for a customised bowl of your own, please get in touch with me via

I look forward to hearing from you!
Love Jos xx