Dads, you won’t regret a father and baby portrait

When a family visits me for their child’s newborn photoshoot, I usually encourage them to let me take a few family portraits as well.

Capturing growing families

I’ll capture a mother and baby and a father and baby portrait.

Plus I tend to try a few with the baby together with any siblings (and pets) there are, and finally a group family photo. Sometimes with grandparents too!

Photographing reluctant dads

I usually get the most resistance from the men in the family – the reluctant dads.

It’s common for the dads to hesitate when I encourage them to get involved in a photoshoot. Particularly when I mention that I want them to take their shirt off!

baby in dads hands

Father and baby portraits

But as these examples show, some of the father and baby portraits that I have taken recently are absolutely gorgeous!

And the truth is, a father and baby portrait is much better – visually – if the men are not wearing anything on top!

Distracting patterned shirts, colours, logos and wrist watches are to be avoided if you want a timeless portrait that won’t date as the years roll by.

What I love about a father and baby portrait

Daddies, revealing your upper body and arms makes for a more natural portrait. Honestly!

And the striking contrast in size, between your manly arms/hands/shoulders against the teeny tiny size of your days-old newborn, is also what makes these portraits so great.

baby asleep in daddy hands

Five of my favourite father and baby setups

  1. Baby in the father’s hand.

The contrast in size between the baby and the father is quite dramatic, and makes for a great photo! Depending on the baby’s size, dads can either cup the baby in one or both hands in front of his body. Or, if the baby is smaller, dads can hold their hand out and rest the baby carefully in a single palm. Sweet!

  1. Baby on the shoulder.

This is a great one, particularly if the dad has muscular or tattooed arms. Tattoos add visual interest, and the baby looks tiny compared to the board shoulders and shapely arms of their father.

  1. Baby in front of dad’s torso.

I often get dads to pose with their newborn with the baby propped up or leaning against their chest or tummy.

  1. Another great shot is to incorporate props that indicate a father’s hobby or career.

I’ve taken lots of lovely portraits using props such as footballs (since we’re football mad here in Liverpool, aren’t we?), boxing gloves, cricket bats and balls, and even work uniforms. I’ve even photographed babies carefully positioned in motorcycle helmets!

daddy and baby on shoulder

Capturing a precious moment in time

My clients tell me that these father and baby portraits, and the group family portraits, are lovely to look back on. They capture the family, as a whole, and in its entirety at that special moment in time; the time just after the arrival of a brand new family member.

So, to you dads, I would say, “Just go for it!” Don’t worry about your wobbly bits!

If you dare to bare during your child’s newborn photoshoot, I guarantee that once you see the resulting photographs, you will be glad you did!

To book your V.I.P. newborn session please give me a quick call on 0151 203 6439, or 07929 768371, email me at or complete the contact form on my website giving me some details about you and your family.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jos x

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