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Bump impressions


Baby impressions

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Maternity Bump casting is a completely unique product that I am now offering.

I am a trained body sculpture artist and can create maternity bump body casts or ‘Baby Bump Bowls’.

A baby bump bowl casting is a unique and special way to capture that fleeting moment in time that is your pregnancy. By literally taking a cast of your ‘bump’ during pregnancy, a shaped ‘bowl’ is created which, once it’s off, is a record of exactly what your pregnancy bump really looks like!

Bump bowl

Then when your little one has arrived, bring them along to my studio for their newborn photography session and see how they fit into your baby bump bowl cast!

It’s a fun and unique way to tie in your pregnancy and
baby’s birth.

The casting process
The mum to be visits my studio for a cast to be made of her gorgeous, blossoming bump. Getting this done at around 36-38 weeks pregnant is ideal, so that the bump is a well-developed size and shape!
The cast is made using plaster bandages, and takes just 15-20 minutes to complete, is completely safe and not uncomfortable in any way. Plus, it’s great fun taking the plaster off and revealing the bump impression!

Give your ‘Bump Bowl’® the V.I.P. treatment!

I was thrilled to complete a ‘Bump Bowl’® maternity cast for Coleen Rooney at the start of 2016 when she was heavily pregnant with her third son, Kit.
The ‘Bump Bowl’® I created for her was given a bit of V.I.P. treatment and the feedback I got was fantastic. So, I have now decided to introduce this option, and others, to my ‘Bump Bowl’® clients.
The original, standard option is a bowl worth £65, which I offer FREE OF CHARGE to all my pregnant clients who book a VIP newborn session with me, and to those who book a Bump to Baby Session.
‘Bump Bowls’® are getting an upgrade
New for 2016, now you can choose from a number of finishing options. As Coleen did, you can even create a VIP ‘Bump Bowl’®, completely customised to meet your personal preferences.






 Baby’s feet and hands are the most gorgeous things in the world… those tiny toes and tiny fingers! Don’t you wish you could keep them that size for ever! Squish their little feet and hold their hands… so small in yours


Its so important to keep a record of just how small they were! as they grow so fast! their little hand in yours will soon be bigger, you will be holding their had going to school soon, then before you know it they are off and away!

I can preserve that tiny wee foot and hand for you to treasure for generations to come.

Capture every little dimple, every little crease! 

I do that by taking a mould of your baby’s foot or hand or both, the choice is yours!

You can frame them of leave them free standing on a plinth!

They are there for you to look and touch for ever

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Baby 3d castings now available at Photojos Photography

3d casts of your babies feet and hands, imprints and out prints!

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