Maternity care: Sent home too early.

Did you feel you were sent home too early from hospital when you had your baby?

This new report from the Royal College Of Midwives and net mums says that 40% of new mums were sent home too early and didn’t receive enough care in the postnatal period.

I’m my day…,,, I sound so old…. When I was a young student midwife, first time mums stayed in hospital for 4-5 days after a normal delivery. After a Caesarian section it was 7 days!
In fact when I had my first baby 23 years ago… I was allowed home after 5 days post Caesarian because I was a midwife and supposed to know what I was doing! lol

The thought of that length of time in hospital must horrify new mums today! Everyone can’t wait to get home to their own bed, bathroom and eat their own food, and get used to having a brand new human in the family.

There should be a compromise, more midwives in the community would definitely help, more frequent visits to new mums to support them in the first few weeks.
All midwives strive to do this, there just isn’t enough of them out there.

I had a mum in my studio last week who told me how she felt a little bereft after a Caesarian. She was discharged 3 days after a major op and was breast feeding her new baby. She was doing really well and the baby thriving and gorgeous! But she said she had no one to ask advice from she didn’t see the midwife frequently enough.

As a pregnant new mum you can’t think past the birth… It’s the biggy throughout the whole pregnancy. You can’t think past that until you have your baby in your arms… I always told women that they are pregnant for 9 months. The labour is ONLY a day out of your lives, and you will have the baby for ever afterwards.

Have a talk to your midwives about postnatal care while you are still pregnant and let’s encourage the government to employ more midwives!

Take care
See you and your babies soon
Love Jos xxxx

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