My maternity ‘Bump Bowl’ castings are proving as popular as ever!


Hello! Today I wanted to give you an update on my lovely Bump Bowl maternity casts since I have now reached an exciting landmark…I have completed my 75th ‘Bump Bowl’®! Woo!

Bump Bowl Maternity Casts

Those of you who have read my blog or follow me on Facebook or Instagram  will know that I came up with the idea of creating ‘Bump Bowls’® back in February this year, and later trademarked the term (hence the ® term in the name!).

‘Bump Bowl’® is literally a maternity cast which I carry out for my prenatal clients; I take a cast of their baby bump towards the end of their pregnancy and then incorporate the ‘bowl’ that is produced as a prop in a follow-up newborn photography shoot after their baby has arrived. You can view a time-lapse video of the entire process here.

Seventy-five and counting!

The new service has literally proven to be so popular that I have now just completed my seventy fifth bump bowl!

Bump Casting Liverpool

I’m delighted that so many of you yummy mummies like the idea of preserving a memory of your pregnancy in this unique and special way.

In many cases you’ve been prepared to travel far and wide to have yours done with me, and you’ve also told your friends all about it. For that I am very grateful!

For me, to see your babies all snuggled into their ‘Bump Bowls’® when you come back in with them is also so special! I love it!

The latest pregnancy trend!

Earlier in the year parenting website ‘Made For Mums’ labelled my ‘Bump Bowls’® as the latest pregnancy trend! But your continuing interest in my new service shows that it’s more than just a passing fad.

So, I’m keeping a close eye on the count now. I wonder when I will have completed my one hundredth ‘Bump Bowls’®? I will keep you posted!

Bump Casting Photojos Photography Liverpool

Special Offer

The baby bump bowl casting is worth £85, and I am offering these FREE OF CHARGE to all my pregnant clients who book a newborn session with me, and to those who book a Bump to Baby Session.

If you have any questions about ‘Bump Bowls’® please don’t hesitate to ask. Drop me an email at

Wishing you lots of love in the exciting countdown to Christmas!

Jos x