Newborn photography session information


To get the best photos possible of your newborn there are just a few things that you should consider.

The newborn phase of your baby’s life only last a very short time… Beautiful photographs can be taken from just a few days old, those lovely little curled up ‘womb fresh’ images, up to 6 weeks old, where you may still get some little sleepy pics but there will be more awake pics too.

The sessions are always ‘baby led’. We stop for feeds and nappy changes etc as the baby needs it. Not all babies will be able to pose in all props, some babies don’t sleep at all and others sleep all the time but you will get beautiful images of your baby.

Before the session

If you are breast feeding please eat simple foods in the couple of days leading up to your session as some foods can upset the baby on the day of the session.

On the day of your session, please bring with you a little blanket or wrap, just to cuddle her in so she has a smell she is used to when I am cuddling her.

For the little curled up squishy pictures, the sleepier your newborn is the better and the more set-ups I can get, while they peacefully sleep!

This is not always possible as it all depends on how your baby is at the session, but we can get some gorgeous little wide awake pictures too.

Bring some extra bottles of milk… an extra bottle out of her routine won’t do any harm.

I will be moving her around to get lots of different pictures for you, and sometimes a little milk can settle them, dummy’s are also good to settle them, if you are using a dummy please bring an extra one too.

Before you leave to come try to feed the baby, so they are nice and full. The car journey to the studio will hopefully help to get them in a deep sleep so we can start right away with posing and styling, but they usually will wake up as soon as I hold them, as I am a new person to get used to and new surroundings can be quite unsettling at first.

When you arrive at the studio, give your baby a little cuddle, then when they are ready I can take over.

It’s not uncommon for the session with a newborn to last 3-4 hours, allowing plenty of time to feed and comfort.

I have plenty of tea, coffee, water and biscuits for your comfort too.


Looking forward to meeting you and your new baby

Love Jos x

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