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Ten things you may not know about Photojos Photography

This month, I’m celebrating #10yearsofPhotojos Photography. It was back in September 2007 when I set up my portrait photography business, here in Liverpool.

So, linking in with the ‘10’ theme, in this post I’m sharing ten things you may not know about me and Photojos Photography.

Why? Well, because reflecting on my business and what I’ve been up to during these past ten years has made me realise that lots of things have changed in that time.

To the extent that, even if you are a recent client of mine, perhaps there may still be some surprises in here! Read on to find out!

Sleeping baby photographed by Photojos Photography


Ten things you may not know about Photojos Photography

1.       Professional photography is my second career

I have photographed literally hundreds of pregnant ladies, babies, young children and families, but before I started my photography business I did something completely different…I was a midwife!

In fact, I was a midwife for 21 years! So, I’ve been involved in the birth of literally thousands of babies in that time.

I feel that my background in midwifery makes me well placed to be a newborn photographer and is certainly one way in which I am different to other newborn photographers.

You see, my experience of handling babies isn’t limited to the number of babies I have photographed but is based on over two decades of practical experience caring for newborns and their mums.

Mother and baby photographed by Photojos Photography

2.       I am a mum of five!

It’s not only my experience as a midwife that has provided me with the experience of handling babies. I have had five of my own, including a set of twins!

My children have grown and flown the nest now but I’m delighted that we are a close-knit family. My husband and I just love it when they all return home and we spend time together. Awwwh, love them!

3.       Photojos Photography is an international photography award winner

In recent years, I have picked up not one but two international Photographer of the Year awards; ‘Bump to Baby Photographer of the Year 2015’ and ‘Pictorial and Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2014’.

This was HUGE news for me at the time because I was the winner from tens of thousands of entries, and continues to be one of my proudest moments in my photography career.

Award winning image of identical triplets by Photojos Photography

4.       I am mentored by the most decorated professional photographer in the world!

Professional photographers don’t simply learn how to take photos and then set up a business. We need to continually learn and develop our craft.

I have been guided by my mentor Damian McGillicuddy these past few years. He is the lead photographer for Olympus, having taken over from David Bailey (yes, that David Bailey!). And he has more professional photography titles than I could even attempt to list here!

Thanks to his wise mentorship, I can confidently let you know that you will have the most beautiful and stunning works of art for your home when you hire Photojos Photography.

5.       Photojos Photography is the pioneer of the ‘Bump Bowl’

After training to be a body sculpture artist, back in 2015, I developed a new service which involved taking a cast of my pregnant clients’ baby ‘bumps’.

Bump bowl

The bump casts I made were dried and then used within my newborn photoshoots. The baby – born a few weeks later – was placed in it’s mother’s ‘Bump Bowl’ (a term I later trademarked) and then photographed inside it.

Bump Bowl

These were extremely popular from the very beginning, and even sparked a new maternity trend!

Family with baby in Bump Bowl by Photojos Photography

6.       Photojos Photography doesn’t just offer photography!

Nope! A few years ago, I also trained to be a professional body sculpture artist, and now offer this as a bolt-on service to my photography.

I offer 3D lifecasting, suitable for all the family including your pets! And I also offer botanical impressions in which I cast flowers and leaves to create decorative wall panels, which can be framed if desired.

It’s a new aspect of my business that I really enjoy and that is becoming more and more popular. 


I also have a range of bespoke miniature lifecast jewellery. These are precious and beautiful keepsakes, typically featuring the hand or foot casts of your baby as charms on a bracelet or necklace.

Baby jewellery by Photojos PhotographyI’ve an exciting new website coming soon, specifically for my body and hand sculpture work and jewellery. But in the meantime, you can follow my work over on Instagram at or visit the Life Casting section of my website.

Single charm jewellery

7. I also design and create beautiful sterling silver jewellery

Yes, I also craft beautiful objects from silver and have been doing so for three years.

The Sterling silver jewellery range can include fingerprints or hand and footprints or semi-precious gemstones. And it isn’t just for babies! You could get your partner’s fingerprint done, or even your pet’s paw or nose made into a pendant!

The product range includes sterling silver rings, necklaces, charms, bracelets, cufflinks, and even baby Christening bracelets. And I can include the baby’s birthstones on the piece which is a beautiful extra touch if you wished.

8.       I’m the photographer of choice for several local celebrities

I’m proud to say that I have had the pleasure of working for many well-known faces over the years including local celebrities and premier league football players.

For example, I first met Coleen Rooney when working as a scanographer at the local hospital, when she was pregnant with her eldest, Kai. Then, she contacted me and asked me to photograph him as a newborn.

Ever since, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing all of the Rooney children as newborns, and all of them together for their Christmas portrait every year.

Family portraits by Photojos Photography

I also did Coleen one of my maternity bump bowls when she was pregnant with her third son, Kit.

Coleen Rooney Bump bowl by Photojos Photography

They are such a lovely family and have been wonderful to recommend me and share the portraits I take.

9.       I have photographed more than one thousand newborn babies

Over the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of photographing tens of hundreds of babies here in my photography studio in central Liverpool.

So, if you’re looking for an experienced newborn photographer, you’ve come to the right place!

Sleeping baby girl

10.   Photojos Photography is a growing team

Almost ten years on from first setting up Photojos Photography, I’ve taken a big step. That is, I’ve welcomed a new member to the Photojos team.

Back in March, Jan joined me in the day-to-day running of the photography studio. She is not only a wonderful person but also an invaluable help me during photoshoots, as well as being great with clients.

So, if you’re popping into the studio soon, you’ll likely meet Jan. She’s my right-hand lady and it’s a pleasure to have her join the Photojos team!

Celebrating #10yearsofPhotojos

So, there you have it!

10 things you may not have known about Photojos Photography.

Was anything in here a surprise to you? Do let me know in the comments.

baby asleep on hands

To book a portrait session with me, please call me today on 07929 768371, email me at or contact me via this form.

Jos x

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Ten reasons to invest in newborn baby portraits

Newborn baby portraits are definitely all the rage. But they are more than a passing fad!


I’ve been a newborn photographer now for ten years. In fact, as I write this I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of setting up my business this very month.

So, while I’ve been photographing babies for a decade, what’s clear to me is that although over time things have changed in newborn photography, the appeal among parents continues to endure.

Sleeping newborn baby portrait by Photojos Photography

Tying in nicely with my #10yearsofPhotojos anniversary, here are ten reasons why I believe investing in newborn photography is a decision you’ll never regret.

My top ten reasons to invest in newborn baby portraits

1.       They grow so fast!

This is an obvious thing to say but literally can’t be overstated! Babies, as newborns, grow so quickly and change every single day.

So, having a professional portrait taken of them in their gorgeous sleepy, and curled-up shape as they were in the womb is incredibly precious.

If you don’t invest in newborn baby portraits, you’ll only have snapshots from your phone and your memories. Neither of which are likely to last that long!

Sleeping baby girl

2.       Becoming a parent is life-changing

Most couples spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on documenting their wedding day so that they can relive their special day. For the same reason, parents around the world hire a newborn photographer every single day of the week.

Becoming a mum or dad is one of those unbeatable and unforgettable moments. It’s literally nothing short of life-changing. Mind-blowing even! It’s arguably more significant than any wedding day.

You and your world will never be the same again after your baby is born. So, to be honest, why wouldn’t you want to document this special time with pictures that celebrate the arrival of your new baby?

Newborn baby photographed by Photojos Photography

3.       Newborn baby portraits allow you to relive their first days

Baby portraits, taken by a professional photographer, will capture all the important details – your baby’s soft wispy hair, the teeny tiny finger nails, wrinkled skin and curled up legs, the long eyelashes, and the super soft skin.

These are the things you will notice and adore in the moments after your baby is born. Capturing them in photos is a way of you remembering how it felt to hold your newborn baby in your arms in those early days; something that you will cherish more and more with every passing year.

4.       These moments WILL be forgotten!

Baby brain is a ‘thing’! You will likely be sleep-deprived after your baby is born and things do get forgotten. There’s no point trying to fight it, it’ just a fact.

So, even with photos of your baby, you’ll still probably find yourself saying “I can’t remember him/her being like that!”.

Newborn baby with older sibling

5.       There won’t be any second chances

If you decide not to invest in professional newborn baby portraits when your baby is born, I hate to break it to you but there won’t be any second chances!

Newborn photography needs to be done in the first couple of weeks after they are born, and making the decision to not go ahead now isn’t one that you can undo later.

6.       Photos stand the test of time

Baby gadgets, toys, and equipment – you’ll buy them all as a new parent. And these things cost a LOT of money! But, they don’t last. You’ll use things and then either pass them on or bin them!

There’s nothing left to show for the investment you made, whereas an investment in newborn baby portraits will be one that you’ll enjoy the benefits of for years to come.

7.       Family is art

What better to have on your walls at home than precious pictures of your nearest and dearest?

You’ll get years of pleasure from the professional portraits you have of your new baby (and no doubt, many compliments too!).

Creative newborn baby portrait by Photojos Photography

8.       There is no substitute for professional newborn baby photos

Newborn photography is an art form. There is an incredible amount of skill involved. It takes a creative eye and an artistic vision to create professional baby portraits like these.

Professionals, like me, invest tens of thousands of pounds into professional training, high-quality equipment and mentoring. This all contributes to the images I take of your baby in my photography studio here in Liverpool.

Unless you have a particularly creative eye and have been trained – as a professional has – in newborn posing and lighting, no attempts you make at home with your smartphone will produce anything like the results that a professional newborn photographer can achieve.

9.       Professional newborn photographers will take safe newborn baby portraits

I couldn’t create this list without highlighting the importance of safety because it is crucial that any photos taken of your baby should be taken safely.

Sleeping baby in Bump Bowl by Photojos Photography

Newborn babies are delicate little things and need to be handled with great care. They can’t be handled with anything other than the lightest of touches, and a professional newborn photographer knows this.

So, by investing in professional newborn baby photography you can be reassured that you are creating portraits that have been taken safely and which aren’t putting your baby at any risk.

10.   Professional photographers arrange professional quality printing

Here at Photojos Photography, we not only capture timeless portraits of your baby in our fine-art style, but we can also arrange your wall art.

Not only does this make it extra convenient for you – we can arrange your photo books, prints, frames, and canvases, leaving you free to enjoy the initial weeks after your baby is born without the hassle of contacting photo printers and framers yourself.

But we also use only professional printers. We don’t use cheap high-street or online print companies which offer low prices and questionable quality. Our print suppliers are the crème de la crème of the photographic printing industry.

Yes, it costs more. But the quality of the final finished product is a league apart from anything you could source yourself.

Precious moment between a mum and baby

Ten years of newborn photography at Photojos Photography

I’m currently celebrating #10yearsofPhotojos Photography, and I would love to have you book your baby’s newborn baby photo shoot with me in this, my 10th anniversary year.

To find out more about my newborn portrait photography services, please visit my website or call me today on 07929 768371, email me at or contact me via this form.

Jos x

Celebrating ten years of Photojos Photography!

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, but I’ll soon be celebrating the tenth anniversary of Photojos Photography! Yes, I’ve been a professional portrait photographer now for a decade. And those ten years have literally flown by!

You may already know my story. But if not, I setup my photography business after being a midwife here in Liverpool for over twenty years. I must have delivered more than 1000 newborn babies in my time as a midwife!

Truth is, I adored being a midwife and helping to bring so many gorgeous little babies into the world. But the interest I had in photography – actually since I was a teenager – just kept nagging away at me.

Jocelyn Conway of Photojos Photography

So it was ten years ago, in September 2007, that I finally decided to go for it and to start up a portrait photography business of my own!

Starting my portrait photography business

Starting my portrait photography business was the best decision I ever made!

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, I have literally loved every minute and yes, the time has flown!

Baby portrait by Photojos Photography

What am I most proud of after ten years of Photojos Photography?

  • Lovely clients

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for so many lovely clients over the past ten years.

Standing baby by Photojos Photography

It is no exaggeration to say that I am extremely grateful for all my wonderful clients over the past ten years. Without them (you know who you are!), I wouldn’t be here today celebrating ten years of Photojos Photography.

Mother and baby by Photojos Photography

I am also very proud to have become the preferred portrait photographer for Liverpool-based footballers and celebrities including Wayne and Coleen Rooney (and am unbelievably excited about the news that they are expecting another baby!).

Family portraits by Photojos Photography

  • A new custom-designed studio and a growing team!

As my client base has grown, so too has my studio!

I started ten years ago by photographing babies in my client’s homes. Then five years ago setup my very first photography studio in central Liverpool. It was small but perfectly formed, and I loved having a dedicated space where I could do my work and create beautiful portraits for my clients.

The first Photojos Photography studio

I outgrew the studio within a few years though and moved to a larger space two years ago.

The Photojos Photography studio space is my happy place. I have the room I need to create an exceptional client experience and just love going everyday to photograph clients or do my photo editing.

|Photojos Photography Studio

I also welcomed Jan, my assistant, to the Photojos Photography team back in March this year, and this was an exciting turning point in the business.

With her onboard, I have the hands-on support in the studio that I need during photoshoots and she is a great help when it comes to setting up and closing down the studio and managing the day-to-day tasks.

Baby photography by Photojos Photography

  • Qualifications & Awards

Thanks to the ongoing support of my trainer and mentor Damian McGillicuddy, in the past ten years I have gained many professional photography qualifications. This has included my Fellowship of the Societies of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, which is actually the highest qualification a professional photographer can achieve.

And I have won a number of international awards including two prestigious ‘Photographer of the Year’ titles. Again, thanks to the guidance and support of Damian who really has challenged and pushed me over the past few years.

SWPP Fellowship Panel

These qualifications and awards have been personal highlights, but I believe that they also give my clients the peace of mind that my work is of an extremely high standard. They definitely help me to attract the type of clients who want to invest in high-quality portrait photography.

Another highlight of recent years is that I have had my work featured in many magazines and newspapers and even been on local TV. This has all helped to boost my profile and to attract new clients.

Christmas baby by Photojos Photography

Thank you for your support!

So, I’d love to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every single one of you who has been part of my journey during these past ten years! I really mean it when I say that I am so grateful that you chose me as your portrait photographer.

Precious family moments by Photojos Photography

Ten years on from when I started, I am thrilled to still be capturing your precious family moments in photos. Now, after ten years of Photojos Photography, I’m more experienced than ever and I feel more passionate than ever before about what I do.

Book your portrait session today

So, if you’ve been considering a professional portrait session do get in touch if you’d like to know about my services.  I offer newborn, older baby, maternity and artistic family portrait photography, as well as maternity bump casting and hand/body casting.

To book a portrait session with me, please call me today on 07929 768371, email me at or contact me via this form.

Jos x

Dads, you won’t regret a father and baby portrait

When a family visits me for their child’s newborn photoshoot, I usually encourage them to let me take a few family portraits as well.

Capturing growing families

I’ll capture a mother and baby and a father and baby portrait.

Plus I tend to try a few with the baby together with any siblings (and pets) there are, and finally a group family photo. Sometimes with grandparents too!


The art of baby wrapping in newborn photography

If you’ve been to me for a newborn photography shoot or are familiar with my baby photography work, you may know that I love ‘baby wrapping’.

Baby wrapping

Baby wrapping is a technique we newborn photographers use in combination with the ever-popular naked baby portraits.

Unlike the naked shots, though, in which the baby’s soft skin and tiny features are on show, wrapping tucks almost all of the baby’s body away.

Baby wrapping potato sack pose


Breastfeeding tips for new mums

sleeping newborn baby

One of the things that I believe really sets me apart from other newborn photographers is that I was previously a nurse and, later, a midwife in a career spanning more than 20 years. (You can read about my personal story and how I got into newborn photography here).

Here in Liverpool, I have helped and advised thousands of women during that time – advising and sharing tips about pregnancy, childbirth, newborn health and breastfeeding.

Now, as a newborn and baby photographer, I continue to share my midwifery knowledge with new parents who are my photography clients.


Introducing my revamped Baby’s First Year Photography Package

As we all know, babies change A LOT in their first year!

When they first arrive it takes some time to adjust to your new lives, as parents. Then, before you know it your baby is rolling…then sitting up all by themselves…then by their first birthday is fast becoming an adventurous little toddler!

If you’re keen to keep a photographic record of your new baby’s first year, and all the major changes that take place during that time, then I have the perfect solution for you:

My newly revised and revamped ‘Baby’s First Year’ package, which is now more affordable than ever!


The fascinating story of the identical triplets from Liverpool

Lots of exciting things happened at Photojos Photography last week so I wanted to share those with you since I’m still on cloud nine right now thinking about it all!

But first I need to take you back to August last year, when the story really begins. It was then I met, for the first time, three gorgeous newborn baby triplets – Roman, Rocco and Rohan and their lovely young mum, Becki-Jo.

Photojos Photography identical triplets

Becki-Jo lives locally, in Gateacre, Liverpool, and had conceived the triplets naturally. She was surprised as any mum is to learn that she was having multiples (I should know, I’m a mum of twins myself)!

She already had a two year old daughter, Indiana, now aged three. She was a little star and happily posed for portraits with the boys. She adored them!

Photojos Photography identical triplets with older sister

Photographing multiples

Having seen my work online, Becki-Jo wanted me to take photos of her boys in my trademark sleeping baby style. As with any newborn photoshoots with twin or multiples, I relish the challenge!

The session went well. Although it’s, of course, quite difficult to get all the babies sleeping at the same time and positioned perfectly, I got some brilliant portraits of the triplets that I was really pleased with.

Photojos Photography sleeping identical triplets

Award-winning portrait

I was so pleased with one in particular that I entered it into the Societies of Photographers’ image competition last year.

Little did I know then that this portrait would go on to secure me a place in the final of their annual photography awards. Then when the winners were announced, in January this year, I actually won the international ‘Bump to Baby Photographer of the Year 2015’ award!

Award winning image of identical triplets by Photojos Photography

Since January I’ve had some great publicity as a result of the award win, but I thought that was the end of the story.

That was, until last week…..

The story of the identical triplets

I was made aware of the triplet boys being featured in an article in the Daily Mail newspaper – the widest read national paper here in the UK.

Becki-Jo had put the boys through a DNA test and had discovered that they were genetically identical – the chances of which is 200 million to one!

The story hit the headlines because they are believed to be one of only a handful of naturally conceived sets of identical triplets in the UK.

Becki-Jo had been adamant that the triplets had their differences, but it seems that – genetically at least – they are exactly the same!

Sleeping siblings by Photojos Photography

Photojos Photography on TV!

I was thrilled that a couple of my photos of the identical triplets as newborns were included in the Daily Mail article.

A couple of them were also featured on Good Morning Britain – the morning news programme on ITV, which is broadcast to millions of people across the UK! Wow!

Throughout last week I was also featured in other newspaper articles as the story of Becki-Jo and her identical triplets spread across the media.

I was interviewed on regional TV on Wednesday when I was featured on BBC North West – my first ever TV interview! Eeek! I was also interviewed live on BBC Radio Merseyside!

Black and white portrait of sleeping identical triplets

The boys are absolutely gorgeous and mum Becki-Jo is so lovely. It’s been wonderful to have the excuse to see the triplets again.

I’m very excited about the prospect of photographing them again soon, as they are rapidly approaching their first birthday– watch this space for more gorgeous pictures of these (now famous) identical triplets!

For more examples of my newborn photography, please visit my Newborn Gallery.

Until next time, love Jos xx

Little Sebastian’s Newborn Photo Session!

Aww, I had the privilege today of welcoming Little Sebastian, into the studio, for his newborn photo session! Only 5 days new!! How wonderful!

Newborn baby

It was only a short time ago that I did some bump photos for his mum!

bump photo

It was lovely to meet little Sebastian, and such a cute baby… so well behaved for his photos!

And he loved posing with his mum and dad too! he loved cuddles! But who doesn’t? lol!mum and newborn baby

dad holding newborn baby

I’ve had a lovely day!

How cute he is! Such a handsome little man!

Thank you mum and dad, for bringing him in! I can’t wait to show you the rest! xxxxx

sleeping newborn baby

Visit my Bump to Baby session page for more details about what is included in a shoot like this, and contact me to book yours!

Love Jos xx

Little Layla’s Newborn Photography session

Oh I had the pleasure of meeting gorgeous little Layla Rose today.

Her mum Jemma was the lucky winner of the March Facebook Competition!

She won a VIP Newborn Photography session with me! Jocelyn!

She came for a little ‘Bump Bowl’ casting and delivered little Layla Rose not long after.. she obviously didn’t want to hand around!

potato sack pose

Snug as a bug!

Wow. How gorgeous is she! Such a tiny tot! Weighing only 5lb1oz at birth! But piling on the weight now!

It was fantastic to see her in her ‘Bump Bowl’.. she just fit in! lol!

Bump bowl

Bump Bowl

I love those little baby lashes too!

baby eyelashes

Baby lashes

Thank you for popping in!

Don’t forget to have a look around while your here!

To enquire or book a session just fill in the contact form below, and Ill be in touch! xxx

Contact Form

Until next time

Love Jos xxx

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