Ten reasons to invest in newborn baby portraits

Creative newborn baby portrait by Photojos Photography

Newborn baby portraits are definitely all the rage. But they are more than a passing fad!


I’ve been a newborn photographer now for ten years. In fact, as I write this I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of setting up my business this very month.

So, while I’ve been photographing babies for a decade, what’s clear to me is that although over time things have changed in newborn photography, the appeal among parents continues to endure.

Sleeping newborn baby portrait by Photojos Photography

Tying in nicely with my #10yearsofPhotojos anniversary, here are ten reasons why I believe investing in newborn photography is a decision you’ll never regret.

My top ten reasons to invest in newborn baby portraits

1.       They grow so fast!

This is an obvious thing to say but literally can’t be overstated! Babies, as newborns, grow so quickly and change every single day.

So, having a professional portrait taken of them in their gorgeous sleepy, and curled-up shape as they were in the womb is incredibly precious.

If you don’t invest in newborn baby portraits, you’ll only have snapshots from your phone and your memories. Neither of which are likely to last that long!

Sleeping baby girl

2.       Becoming a parent is life-changing

Most couples spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on documenting their wedding day so that they can relive their special day. For the same reason, parents around the world hire a newborn photographer every single day of the week.

Becoming a mum or dad is one of those unbeatable and unforgettable moments. It’s literally nothing short of life-changing. Mind-blowing even! It’s arguably more significant than any wedding day.

You and your world will never be the same again after your baby is born. So, to be honest, why wouldn’t you want to document this special time with pictures that celebrate the arrival of your new baby?

Newborn baby photographed by Photojos Photography

3.       Newborn baby portraits allow you to relive their first days

Baby portraits, taken by a professional photographer, will capture all the important details – your baby’s soft wispy hair, the teeny tiny finger nails, wrinkled skin and curled up legs, the long eyelashes, and the super soft skin.

These are the things you will notice and adore in the moments after your baby is born. Capturing them in photos is a way of you remembering how it felt to hold your newborn baby in your arms in those early days; something that you will cherish more and more with every passing year.

4.       These moments WILL be forgotten!

Baby brain is a ‘thing’! You will likely be sleep-deprived after your baby is born and things do get forgotten. There’s no point trying to fight it, it’ just a fact.

So, even with photos of your baby, you’ll still probably find yourself saying “I can’t remember him/her being like that!”.

Newborn baby with older sibling

5.       There won’t be any second chances

If you decide not to invest in professional newborn baby portraits when your baby is born, I hate to break it to you but there won’t be any second chances!

Newborn photography needs to be done in the first couple of weeks after they are born, and making the decision to not go ahead now isn’t one that you can undo later.

6.       Photos stand the test of time

Baby gadgets, toys, and equipment – you’ll buy them all as a new parent. And these things cost a LOT of money! But, they don’t last. You’ll use things and then either pass them on or bin them!

There’s nothing left to show for the investment you made, whereas an investment in newborn baby portraits will be one that you’ll enjoy the benefits of for years to come.

7.       Family is art

What better to have on your walls at home than precious pictures of your nearest and dearest?

You’ll get years of pleasure from the professional portraits you have of your new baby (and no doubt, many compliments too!).

Creative newborn baby portrait by Photojos Photography

8.       There is no substitute for professional newborn baby photos

Newborn photography is an art form. There is an incredible amount of skill involved. It takes a creative eye and an artistic vision to create professional baby portraits like these.

Professionals, like me, invest tens of thousands of pounds into professional training, high-quality equipment and mentoring. This all contributes to the images I take of your baby in my photography studio here in Liverpool.

Unless you have a particularly creative eye and have been trained – as a professional has – in newborn posing and lighting, no attempts you make at home with your smartphone will produce anything like the results that a professional newborn photographer can achieve.

9.       Professional newborn photographers will take safe newborn baby portraits

I couldn’t create this list without highlighting the importance of safety because it is crucial that any photos taken of your baby should be taken safely.

Sleeping baby in Bump Bowl by Photojos Photography

Newborn babies are delicate little things and need to be handled with great care. They can’t be handled with anything other than the lightest of touches, and a professional newborn photographer knows this.

So, by investing in professional newborn baby photography you can be reassured that you are creating portraits that have been taken safely and which aren’t putting your baby at any risk.

10.   Professional photographers arrange professional quality printing

Here at Photojos Photography, we not only capture timeless portraits of your baby in our fine-art style, but we can also arrange your wall art.

Not only does this make it extra convenient for you – we can arrange your photo books, prints, frames, and canvases, leaving you free to enjoy the initial weeks after your baby is born without the hassle of contacting photo printers and framers yourself.

But we also use only professional printers. We don’t use cheap high-street or online print companies which offer low prices and questionable quality. Our print suppliers are the crème de la crème of the photographic printing industry.

Yes, it costs more. But the quality of the final finished product is a league apart from anything you could source yourself.

Precious moment between a mum and baby

Ten years of newborn photography at Photojos Photography

I’m currently celebrating #10yearsofPhotojos Photography, and I would love to have you book your baby’s newborn baby photo shoot with me in this, my 10th anniversary year.

To find out more about my newborn portrait photography services, please visit my website or call me today on 07929 768371, email me at jocelyn@photojos.co.uk or contact me via this form.

Jos x

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