Ten things you may not know about Photojos Photography

Bump bowl

This month, I’m celebrating #10yearsofPhotojos Photography. It was back in September 2007 when I set up my portrait photography business, here in Liverpool.

So, linking in with the ‘10’ theme, in this post I’m sharing ten things you may not know about me and Photojos Photography.

Why? Well, because reflecting on my business and what I’ve been up to during these past ten years has made me realise that lots of things have changed in that time.

To the extent that, even if you are a recent client of mine, perhaps there may still be some surprises in here! Read on to find out!

Sleeping baby photographed by Photojos Photography


Ten things you may not know about Photojos Photography

1.       Professional photography is my second career

I have photographed literally hundreds of pregnant ladies, babies, young children and families, but before I started my photography business I did something completely different…I was a midwife!

In fact, I was a midwife for 21 years! So, I’ve been involved in the birth of literally thousands of babies in that time.

I feel that my background in midwifery makes me well placed to be a newborn photographer and is certainly one way in which I am different to other newborn photographers.

You see, my experience of handling babies isn’t limited to the number of babies I have photographed but is based on over two decades of practical experience caring for newborns and their mums.

Mother and baby photographed by Photojos Photography

2.       I am a mum of five!

It’s not only my experience as a midwife that has provided me with the experience of handling babies. I have had five of my own, including a set of twins!

My children have grown and flown the nest now but I’m delighted that we are a close-knit family. My husband and I just love it when they all return home and we spend time together. Awwwh, love them!

3.       Photojos Photography is an international photography award winner

In recent years, I have picked up not one but two international Photographer of the Year awards; ‘Bump to Baby Photographer of the Year 2015’ and ‘Pictorial and Fine Art Photographer of the Year 2014’.

This was HUGE news for me at the time because I was the winner from tens of thousands of entries, and continues to be one of my proudest moments in my photography career.

Award winning image of identical triplets by Photojos Photography

4.       I am mentored by the most decorated professional photographer in the world!

Professional photographers don’t simply learn how to take photos and then set up a business. We need to continually learn and develop our craft.

I have been guided by my mentor Damian McGillicuddy these past few years. He is the lead photographer for Olympus, having taken over from David Bailey (yes, that David Bailey!). And he has more professional photography titles than I could even attempt to list here!

Thanks to his wise mentorship, I can confidently let you know that you will have the most beautiful and stunning works of art for your home when you hire Photojos Photography.

5.       Photojos Photography is the pioneer of the ‘Bump Bowl’

After training to be a body sculpture artist, back in 2015, I developed a new service which involved taking a cast of my pregnant clients’ baby ‘bumps’.

Bump bowl

The bump casts I made were dried and then used within my newborn photoshoots. The baby – born a few weeks later – was placed in it’s mother’s ‘Bump Bowl’ (a term I later trademarked) and then photographed inside it.

Bump Bowl

These were extremely popular from the very beginning, and even sparked a new maternity trend!

Family with baby in Bump Bowl by Photojos Photography

6.       Photojos Photography doesn’t just offer photography!

Nope! A few years ago, I also trained to be a professional body sculpture artist, and now offer this as a bolt-on service to my photography.

I offer 3D lifecasting, suitable for all the family including your pets! And I also offer botanical impressions in which I cast flowers and leaves to create decorative wall panels, which can be framed if desired.

It’s a new aspect of my business that I really enjoy and that is becoming more and more popular. 


I also have a range of bespoke miniature lifecast jewellery. These are precious and beautiful keepsakes, typically featuring the hand or foot casts of your baby as charms on a bracelet or necklace.

Baby jewellery by Photojos PhotographyI’ve an exciting new website coming soon, specifically for my body and hand sculpture work and jewellery. But in the meantime, you can follow my work over on Instagram at www.instagram.com/lifeimpressionsliverpool/ or visit the Life Casting section of my website.

Single charm jewellery

7. I also design and create beautiful sterling silver jewellery

Yes, I also craft beautiful objects from silver and have been doing so for three years.

The Sterling silver jewellery range can include fingerprints or hand and footprints or semi-precious gemstones. And it isn’t just for babies! You could get your partner’s fingerprint done, or even your pet’s paw or nose made into a pendant!

The product range includes sterling silver rings, necklaces, charms, bracelets, cufflinks, and even baby Christening bracelets. And I can include the baby’s birthstones on the piece which is a beautiful extra touch if you wished.

8.       I’m the photographer of choice for several local celebrities

I’m proud to say that I have had the pleasure of working for many well-known faces over the years including local celebrities and premier league football players.

For example, I first met Coleen Rooney when working as a scanographer at the local hospital, when she was pregnant with her eldest, Kai. Then, she contacted me and asked me to photograph him as a newborn.

Ever since, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing all of the Rooney children as newborns, and all of them together for their Christmas portrait every year.

Family portraits by Photojos Photography

I also did Coleen one of my maternity bump bowls when she was pregnant with her third son, Kit.

Coleen Rooney Bump bowl by Photojos Photography

They are such a lovely family and have been wonderful to recommend me and share the portraits I take.

9.       I have photographed more than one thousand newborn babies

Over the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of photographing tens of hundreds of babies here in my photography studio in central Liverpool.

So, if you’re looking for an experienced newborn photographer, you’ve come to the right place!

Sleeping baby girl

10.   Photojos Photography is a growing team

Almost ten years on from first setting up Photojos Photography, I’ve taken a big step. That is, I’ve welcomed a new member to the Photojos team.

Back in March, Jan joined me in the day-to-day running of the photography studio. She is not only a wonderful person but also an invaluable help me during photoshoots, as well as being great with clients.

So, if you’re popping into the studio soon, you’ll likely meet Jan. She’s my right-hand lady and it’s a pleasure to have her join the Photojos team!

Celebrating #10yearsofPhotojos

So, there you have it!

10 things you may not have known about Photojos Photography.

Was anything in here a surprise to you? Do let me know in the comments.

baby asleep on hands

To book a portrait session with me, please call me today on 07929 768371, email me at jocelyn@photojos.co.uk or contact me via this form.

Jos x

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