Ten things you need to know about your newborn photoshoot.

newborn photoshoot

Ten things you need to know about your newborn photoshoot

As a first time mum you may be quite nervous about bringing your very young baby out and about, but you would love to have some beautiful artistic images of your gorgeous baby at just a few days old!  You probably have never been to a baby photographer’s studio. 

You’ve most likely seen examples of my work on my website or social media and know what it is that I do. But chances are you have lots of questions about what’s involved in a newborn photoshoot. 

If this sounds like you, hopefully you’ll find today’s post useful. 

1. When should I book my newborn photo session?

It is important to book your newborn photoshoot while you are still pregnant, just after your 20 week scan at the hospital is ideal, but at least a month or two before your due date. This is to ensure that I have availability around the time your baby is due.

I would always urge you to book early, but if your baby has already arrived get in touch asap, I may have a session available.

2. What is the best age for newborn photos?

The best age for your baby’s photo session is between 6-14 days old! Yes, they are very young, but this is the best age to capture those beautiful curled up sleepy pictures, Babies start to waken up and stretch out after this age. They change so much in the first few weeks, almost by the day! You can rest assured, with my years of experience, I will look after them and you. I specialise in taking pictures of babies just a few days old.

3. What if the baby is born early or late?

I will provisionally book your newborn session in about 6-10 days after your expected due date.

If baby arrives early or late, no problem! I can move your session to an alternative date. 

Just let me know as soon as possible after the birth of your baby if he/she arrives early and I will do my very best to find an earlier session date for you. 

Similarly if you get to your due date and no baby, just let me know and I will do my very best to find an alternative for you. 

4. Should I feed the baby before the session or not?

Yes please! Before you leave home to come to the photography studio, please try to feed the baby so that they are nice and full, but if your baby isn’t ready for a feed don’t panic. you can feed her or him when they are ready at the studio.

The car journey to the studio will hopefully help to get them in a deep sleep so we can start right away with posing and styling. When you arrive at the studio, give your baby a little cuddle. Then, when they are ready, I can take over

5. How long do photography sessions last?

The sessions are always ‘baby led’. We stop for feeds and nappy changes as the baby needs it. 

Because of this I always allow between 3-4 hours for a newborn photography session. This ensures that there is time to capture different setups, and for the fact that we will need to regular breaks to feed, change and settle the baby.

6. How many difference photos will you take?

In the first few weeks of life, babies sleep a lot! Up to 18 hours of every day. 

For the curled up squishy, sleeping baby pictures, the sleepier your newborn is the better. While they peacefully sleep I can aim to set up as many different photos as possible. 

I will also try and get some gorgeous wide awake pictures too, although this is not always possible as it all depends on how your baby is at the session.

7. What if my baby is unsettled during the photoshoot?

As a former midwife I am very experienced in handling babies and can usually ensure that we capture the photos you want first time around. 

Don’t worry if your baby cries, poos or wees.  It’s natural, and something that I am totally used to. I’m very experienced in handling babies and can usually always get the shots I am after once the baby has settled down. 

8. How many photos will we get?

I will take lots of images on the day, and will aim to photograph your child in many different setups to give you lots of choice. 

I will make my selection of the best images and present you with typically 20-30 fully edited images at your viewing and ordering appointment, for you to choose from. This appointment is usually held approximately 1-2 weeks after your photoshoot and this is your opportunity to choose and purchase your digital or printed photography product selections. 

9. How much do the photos cost?

All photo prints and products are charged in addition to the session fee. 

Most families choose to spend between £300 and £600 on their pictures afterwards, on professionally printed photo products including frames and canvases. 

you can have a look at my pricing page for packages and product prices.

10. Tips for Parents attending a newborn photoshoot:

  • If you are breast feeding please eat plain foods in the couple of days leading up to your newborn photoshoot as spicy foods and caffeine can upset the baby.
  • Please bring with you a little blanket or wrap, just to cuddle your baby in so that he/she has a smell they are used to when I am cuddling and settling her for the photos
  • If you are bottle feeding, bring some extra bottles of milk. An extra bottle out of her routine won’t do any harm. I will be moving baby around to get lots of different pictures for you, and sometimes a little milk can settle them
  • Dummies are also good to settle them so if you are using a dummy please bring one.

Hopefully that answers a lot of the questions you may have? If there’s anything else you need to know about your newborn photoshoot, please take a look around my website or just get in touch!

I can’t wait to meet you and your little one! 

Jos xx


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