The art of baby wrapping in newborn photography

If you’ve been to me for a newborn photography shoot or are familiar with my baby photography work, you may know that I love ‘baby wrapping’.

Baby wrapping

Baby wrapping is a technique we newborn photographers use in combination with the ever-popular naked baby portraits.

Unlike the naked shots, though, in which the baby’s soft skin and tiny features are on show, wrapping tucks almost all of the baby’s body away.

Baby wrapping potato sack pose

Wrapping is actually one of my favourite ways to pose a baby. It’s also really popular with parents. So today I wanted to tell you a bit more about it.

Plus I wanted to share some gorgeous examples of baby wrapping.

Newborn baby sleeping during a photography training workshop with Kelly Brown

Those I include here are all portraits from recent newborn photoshoots. I hope to inspire you about what’s possible so that if you have a photoshoot with me coming up, you can look through these examples and let me know which ones you’d like me to try and recreate with your baby.

An expert in baby wrapping

There is a skill to wrapping a newborn and it takes lots of practice.

Thankfully the experience I gained swaddling babies during the 22 years I spent working as a midwife, before becoming a newborn photographer, comes in handy.

Wrapping and swaddling are similar techniques, so I have become quite a pro at it!

Baby wrapping

It’s also one of the core skills I teach as part of the professional training I do with the Baby Whisperer Academy. All newborn photographers worth their salt will be experts in baby wrapping.

Newborn Photography poses: Baby wrapping

So why is it done? Well, as well as the fact that baby wrapping is so, so cute, there is a practical benefit.

baby 1 week old wrapped

Newborn babies love feeling tucked up, as they were in mummy’s tummy. So, wrapping them helps to settle them and makes them feel secure.

For this reason, it’s often the first baby pose I do during a newborn photoshoot.

At the beginning, when a family first arrives and passes the newborn to me, the baby is most likely to be unsettled. They are unsure about the unfamiliar sights and smells of the photography studio and, naturally, it takes them some time to feel comfortable.

This is when wrapping them helps. Wrapping also helps prevent the newborn’s startle reflex, which is when their arms and legs shoot out, and which can sometimes wake them from sleeping.

Baby wrapping techniques

The baby is skilfully ‘wrapped’ in layers of coloured breathable cotton, and I just love experimenting with colours and different textures. In fact, my studio is jam-packed with cloths of every colour imaginable so that I always have lots to choose from on the day!

There are also endless ways that wraps can be used. And in case you were wondering, yes, wrapping can be done whether the baby is awake or asleep.

Baby wrapping baby in pink

  • I use the wrap to tuck in those teeny tiny fingers and toes
  • But I also have the hands and feet out as well, and I often do this one with the baby lying on its back on either a soft rug or bean bag
  • A wrapped baby with their hands poking out under the chin is so sweet!
  • And I just adore creating the ‘potato sack’ pose, where the baby is wrapped and sitting up (it’s all done completely safely, with the baby’s head fully supported at all times)
  • Wrapped babies can also be photographed with props such as bowls, baskets and boxes, adding further interest to the photos.


Baby wrapping: The finishing touches

I have learnt, over the years, lots of different ways to ‘finish’ the wraps. I can tie the wrap into a knot to make a pretty bow or I can swish it elegantly to the back, for example.


The possibilities really are endless and I love experimenting to create lots of different looks. Most of all I love baby wrapping because the end results are fabulous! It’s soooo cute!

Baby Wrapping

Let me know what you think!

I hope you agree? Let me know in the comments which are your favourites from the images I include here and what colours you love best!

You’ll also find lots of other examples of baby wrapping on my newborn photography gallery.

Jos x

One thought on “The art of baby wrapping in newborn photography

  1. I was amazed at how quickly our little boy settled as you started wrapping him…like magic! My husband and I sat there in awe! And the finished product is stunning. We are thrilled with our recent photos, especially the ‘wrapped’ ones and the choice of fabrics was great as it meant we could chose colours to match the decor of our home for displaying them!

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