The Greatest Show on Earth

I can’t believe that Its taken me a couple of weeks to get this blog post up! We are so busy in the lead up to Christmas!

but here it is! Our tribute to The Greatest Showman, and Im so proud to have been a small part in this wonderful charity work with Down’s Syndrome Kids and their families!  Wouldn’t Change a Thing!

(have you seen their latest video?  .. go look! and bring tissues!)

To tie in with the video and to celebrate Downs Syndrome Awareness Month, in October… I got together with one of my lovely clients to arrange a very special photoshoot!

The day arrived and we had the best time!

6 wonderful families traveled from far and wide! We had ‘cast’ the parts beforehand and all the costumes were ready. The children were so excited getting ready!

there was tea and buns and lots of sweeties! and an amazing Circus Tent cake from Little Miss Alice Cakes! to make it a real party atmosphere!


All the families arrived excitedly. they had never met each other.. but they got on like a house on fire and have formed their own little group on Facebook! how wonderful!

Throughout my years as a midwife I worked with families expecting Downs Syndrome children.. It was so hard for them to sometimes come to term with! I really felt for the,.. but I never knew just how much love these children produce! Not just them loving everyone.. but the love they spread person to person! It was an absolute Joy to have them and their amazing families in the studio!

They are not Disabled in any way! They can be Different Abled, or Abled bodied just like any other child without Downs Syndrome! Some have more physical problems than others… just like any other Child! BUT they are children and enjoy doing everything every other child does! They are a blessing and have blessed my life through this shoot! I really can’t wait to do another one!

Have a look at the behind the scenes video below!

Welcome to the Greatest Show!


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